Here you find just a small selection of all the programs you can apply for. If you are interested in one program, send us a mail to or a message to our Facebook page.

Fulbright summer school: A foundation of the American Governmental Department of State. They give grants to students that have never been in America. Fullbright offers undergraduate students three programs: Environmental Issues, Civic Engagement, Social Entrepreneurship. The summer schools are compensated fully, and it enhances your chances to get more grants in the USA. If interested, contact alumnus Fons Janssen

AEMS: This Austrian summer school reflect our current financial and monetary systems in Europe and worldwide. With European students, you meet experts and talk about the Euro crisis, the bank crisis and many more issues. Follow the money and their facebook page!

GBS: from the same organisers as AEMS, this summerschool (7ECTS) gives you more in-dept knowledge about Green buildings and urban planning.

YEL: Young European Lead. This young organisation has the ambition to be THE European Leadership Association in the field of policy making. They offer student places for the G8, G20 and the YEC: Young European Council, a gathering of European Young delegates and young international observers. With YEC you discuss and draft new policy recommendation during five days in Brussels. If interested, contact alumnus Fons Janssen

YFM: Youth for mobility
 is an open and dynamic non-governmental organisation that initiates projects where local European realities are highlighted. It invites young people and youth workers to learn more through applying creative approaches to today’s reality concerning sustainability, entrepreneurship, and other societal issues.

Euroleague of Life Sciences (ELLS): ELLS is a collaboration among the Life Science universities in Europe, in which the WUR is also involved. Besides Joint-Master-degrees and summer schools, they also organise yearly the European Student Conference on Life Sciences. Students from all aspects of life sciences (except medical studies) and socio-economic studies related to life sciences come together for a weekend full of young scientific researchers. Every year the WUR students manage to obtain a lot of prizes with their bachelor and master theses outcomes.  If interested, contact the ELSA members of our university. The ELSA members are always members of the student board, which you can visit in Forum.

Sustainable Motion is a company that creates innovating ideas by combining students and companies with their sustainable business challenges. These challenges are free to apply and are very helpful to discover or improve your soft skills and business skills. Besides, you really get in touch with the largest Dutch companies. You will visit the company and gain challenging and inspiring information how a multinational would like to reduce their environmental footprint and accelerate towards sustainability.

The Zurich Biology Undergraduate Summer School: (BUSS)
gives undergraduate students in the Life Sciences the chance to perform a significant research project in one of the participating laboratories of the University of Zurich or the ETH Zurich. Thanks to the intense curriculum of the BUSS, participating students not only become familiar with laboratory methods and theoretical principles but also gain skills in scientific reasoning and scientific communication.

Orange AESAN
: This private-public-partnership gives students to opportunity to do business innovation abroad in South-East Asia. One of their programs is the Orange Factory. It is an intense three-week workshop for talented students and young professionals from the Netherlands and Southeast Asia designing innovative solutions for sustainability challenges
in the region. Supported by academics and experts, 20-30 participants work together in dedicated teams developing business cases for real-life issues.

NAHSS (2nd and 3rd-year bachelor): The last years the NAHSS has become a large private-public-partnership between Dutch Multinationals, the government of the Netherlands and China. There Facebook gives a good image how their programs look like: Professional, impressive and a lot of fun to see how Dutch students and professionals do business in countries with different cultures. You can apply for it via the Dutch university you study.

“De Universiteitsstrijd” is a dutch competition for bachelor and master students that work in teams of their university to compete with other universities. During 1 or 2 days you get intensive training and workshops in which you have to think creatively about business cases given by large Dutch companies. For the event you need your CV and grades list.

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