Every year the board of Socrates visit several career and recruiting events. On this page we share with you the highlights:

Career day 2017

On 7 february 2017, the whole board of Socrates Wageningen was present at the Career day at Wageningen University. During this day, a platform was provided for employers and students to network with each other. It was an excellent change to meet companies that could be your future workplace. Most companies focused on the domain of Life Sciences.
During the day, there was the possibility to visit the market with stand from all companies, where you could speak to representatives of the HR management. You could also visit presentation and many workshops, like “how to write a CV”, workshops on how to present yourself at companies being an introvert and about the international possibilities in the domain of Life Sciences. There was also the possibility to have lunch meetings and personal interview with employers. The career day ended with some informal networks drink.

For us as board members of Socrates Wageningen, the career day was a special opportunity to inform companies about our network organization and spread the name of Socrates as an honours society for top performing, ambitious students. After a short introduction, many companies got interested in the fact that our organization consists of excellent students that wish to expand their network among (multi)national organization. They recognized that a cooperation with them could be beneficial for both parties; we can give new insights in their organization, while they can get into contact with young talent and future employees. After the career day, we have stayed in contact with a couple of them, so we expect to organize an in-house day or even launch a brainbox soon!

If you got interested in visiting a career day, we have good news. Next year, there will be a Career day at Wageningen University again! It will take place at 6 february 2018. It would be the perfect opportunity to orientate on your career. We, the board members of Socrates Wageningen, will be there again, so it is also a good moment to have a chat together with us!