shutterstock_106665278Unfortunately programs are often not for free or funded completely, but be creative and ask your university (Wageningen University Funds) or study advisor what the possibilities are to decrease the eventual participation fee you have to pay. Grant platforms can help you to find the best program and funds for your program. This page shows you an overview which platform sites that give you funding opportunities and inspiration for an extracurricular program or year.


logoEuropean Funding Guide: This project financed by the EU gives you a large overview of scholarships you could apply. The useful part of the website is that you create your own account that eventually gives you a personalised list of programs to apply for. Moreover there is a large overview of internship possibilities in Europe.

logo-1StudyinHolland (for international students): This is the perfect place to find your grants when you want to study in the Netherlands. It gives you tips and tricks how the education system works, practical information to come to the Netherlands and also a lot of background information for after your studies.

wilweg.nllogo-2 (Dutch student): this website is ideal to find inspiration, if you want to do a gap year. This website is also applicable for MBO and HBO. You can also find some links how to finance your gap year with funds and guidance.

un-youth-envoy-logo-enUN youth envoy
: Interested in policy making on global level? Then it is recommended to stay tuned with the youth envoy of the UN. In many ways the UN tries to empower youngster to be involved in their communities and to excel. One example is Martijn Vissers, a student from Wageningen who is now a UN sustainability representative. If you want to experience how policy making works, you could try MUN (Model of United Nations) or the YEC program of YEL (see above).

logo-3Unicasummerschools :  Many students are doing a pre-master to level up their knowledge about certain topics. Often these programs happen during the summer and winter holidays. Summerschoolsineurope gives you an insight to dive into these programs which are also very usefull to just broaden your knowledge.
capture11 Summerschoolsineurope is an even larger collection of extra curricular events and programs, which can last a couple of days or multiple weeks.