Next generation ideas

A  ‘Brainbox’ is a think-tank in which excellent performing students subject present-day cases from your organization to a critical analysis. Think about analysing trends and developments or providing a new view on policies or marketing research.

By thinking outside the box and consulting only the best performing students, a brainbox offers valuable insights that can be applied to your organization on the department of strategy, policy, marketing and innovation.

As contractor, you can determine the case, the composition and selection criteria of the team. The duration and place in which the case will take place, can vary based on your personal preferences. Brainboxes on average consist of a multidisciplinary team of 5 students with a duration of 1 month and costs 500-5000 euro. We are greatly flexible in composing the brainbox.



Socrates is responsible for the selection of students who are most qualified for working on the case. We select students from multiple universities and watch over the communication and process of the project. During a kick-off, the problems of the case are presented and explained. The final findings are reported and presented in a accessible and concise way.

We have already build 9 brainboxes in collaboration with the national government and a private company. Some examples are shown below:

– Brainbox at Economische Zaken about sustainability. Students studied possibilities to improve energy saving   methods in energy intensive industries.

– Brainbox at Rijksdienst van Ondernemend Nederland about customer satisfaction on their website.

– Brainbox at Infrastructuur & milieu en Rijkwaterstaat about integrity

– Brainbox at Ziuz about the marketpotential and feasibilty of visual intelligence on pill dispensers.

If you have any questions about the Brainboxes, please contact us by sending an email to Additionally, we are open for every other form  of partnership, such as networking events and in-house days.