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My name is Koen Harms. As president, I prepare the weekly board meetings on Monday and I am the one who has contact with the national organisation Socrates Netherlands. I am born and raised in the lovely city Delft. I went to high school Gymnasium Novum in Voorburg. After that I went to Delft for the bachelor Mechanical Engineering, which turned out to not be my thing. Currently I am in my second year of the bachelor International Land and Water management. In my spare time I like to row on the river Rhine. At the end of my first year in Wageningen I felt the need to do something next to my study program. Looking for interesting possibilities I got convinced by Victor Bonekamp to do the Socrates board year.

Socrates for me means the opportunity to connect to other ambitious students who want to get the most out of there studentship in order to gain the most challenging and inspiring career and an enjoyable group of acquaintances to discuss complex issues. There are so many challenging activities to discover, and we as Socrates Wageningen want to be the connecting portal for you!


My name is Victor and I am 19 years old. When I didn’t attend university yet, I lived near Amersfoort for quite some time. At the moment, I am in my second year of the bachelor International Land and Water Management, which is definitely in my field of interest. Exercising plays an important role in my spare time, indeed I wouldn’t survive without. Last year I have been part of the committee of my study association that organized several activities for its members. This turned out to be much fun and a good way to start developing my organizational skills as well. I hope to keep improving these skills during my board year at Socrates Wageningen.


I am the Event Manager of Socrates Wageningen for the year 2016-2017. It’s my responsibility to facilitate activities for the members of our chapter. Often, we try to organize them together with other organizations from Wageningen. All the activities are open for Socrates members and non-members and often include free drinks and snacks. If you have any suggestions for activities or you want to organize one in co-operation with Socrates Wageningen, let me know! You can contact me via e-mail

Board Socrates 2016 - 2017


My name is Demi Bettonvil, I am 19 years old and born and raised in Eindhoven. After high school, I left Eindhoven to study at Wageningen UR. Right now I am a second-year health & nutrition student. Besides studying I like doing sports like pole dancing, fitness and hanging out with my friends. Last year I became a member of KSV Franciscus, where I met lots of new people.

This year I am the Secretary and Manager Public Relations of Socrates Wageningen. As a secretary, my task is to maintain all contact with relations and Socrates members. As the Manager Public Relations, I am responsible for strengthening the bonds between Socrates, the public and other Student associations/boards. It is a social task, which makes it a nice variation from all the studying at the University.

I really like to meet new people. That’s the reason why I think this function suits me well. I will be interacting a lot with the members and that’s what I will probably be enjoying the most during my board year. Furthermore, I think I am going to learn a lot of this experience. For this board a strict planning has to be made thus I will have to create a clear overview for myself. That’s something I can use for the rest of my life. This year I hope to generate enthusiasm among the members and of course welcome new members to Socrates Wageningen.

I hope to meet lots of you in the coming year. Don’t hesitate ask me all your questions if you see me at the university. But you can also reach me by mail if you have any questions or other inspiring stories at:


My name is Nathan Geschiere. I am a 22 year old student and I come from a farm in the Noordoostpolder. I am a Bachelor Biology graduate of the Wageningen University and I am currently in my second year of the master Plant Biotechnology. In my Bachelor I choose the major ‘Human and animal health’ and in my master I choose ‘Plants for human and animal health’ as my major. With these majors it is obvious that I am interested in Human health, this interest ranges from nutrition of humans to novel treatments of immune disorders. In the beginning of this year I started my thesis and I am looking forward to an internship in the second half of the year.


I was already studying in Wageningen when the Socrates chapter in Wageningen was set-up. As I got further in my studies I realized the importance of networking and doing activities besides your studies. So with that in mind I applied for the function of Manager Business Relations in the 4th year of my studies. With this function I will automatically be responsible for the setting up of so called ‘brainboxes’. Brainboxes are projects from companies in which Socrates members get the chance to work together in a multidisciplinary team to create output in the form of advice or a solution for a company. My goal is to create more brainboxes for life science students as I felt that these are lacking. Furthermore I will broaden the network of Socrates Wageningen in order to let Socrates members get in touch with companies more easily.

Are you interested to be part of the board next year?

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